Who is niki taylor dating

She has even found a way to stay in touch with her wild side: by riding her Harley-Davidson Road King, an odd choice, perhaps, for someone who nearly died in a car crash. It was there that she dated ex-boyfriend Keith Urban, whom she was with from 2002 to 2004. On Friday I just want to stay on the couch and watch a movie with the boys, says Taylor.

“We’re still friends, and I’m so happy for him and Nicole.” Taylor hopes that kind of happiness is in her cards too.

“Niki and Burney are having, most probably, the roughest time in their nine year old marriage. But I don’t know what has gone wrong all of sudden. They argue and fight all the time and the children are really worried,” revealed the source.

The informant further added that due to their constant arguing, the children are having hard time too.

That's just yuck to me." He goes on to joke that his pal, "I mean, Jay [Leno] loves a thing like that, because he's got no f---ing life and he's an android. I'm really looking forward to the day that this show is canceled, so that I can go back to having a life." Not too politically correct.

That prompted the henchman (a stranger to the South Beach scene named Doug) to rip into Paciello. Paciello said order was not restored until Bar None owner Jason Binn jumped into the fray and pulled the henchman off Paciello.Spicy Sandra Sandra Bernhard talks and Madonna covers her ears.It's been that way for a while now and, frankly, we love it. and a banker for the Nazis." Sandra also gossiped about her own love life from the stage, alluding to being more than just friends with the male piano player accompanying her that evening.“I love being a mom and the chaos it brings me,” says Taylor, 31, who lives with the boys in four-bedroom, French colonial in Brentwood, Tenn.“It reminds me how lucky and blessed I am.” Those aren’t words that first come to mind when reviewing Taylor s life.

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