Who is ivy dating on 90210 book for dating on woman

So I thought I’d list all of the relationships that don’t make sense to me so far in the show.

Granted, I’m only in the middle of the third season, but really they’ve already dated everyone and I can only imagine what’s more to come for the next two seasons.

I have barely studied, I’ve barely slept, all I can do is watch these high school kids in Beverly Hills live their dramatic, luxurious lives nonstop.

In fact, I’m literally watching it on my phone in front of my computer as I type this paper out. ) I figured now, since this is my new life, I wanted to write about something that bugs me slightly from the show; that something being all of the dating between friends that goes on.

Seriously it’s like they lock eyes with one of their friends for more than two seconds and fall in love immediately.

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