Who is ava gardner dating

She described how, as a 19-year-old on her first day on the MGM lot, she met first love Mickey Rooney, who told her, “I wanted to bed you the moment I saw you” — then cheated on her in the first week of their marriage.She told Evans how Howard Hughes taught her to be a better lover, adding that she nearly killed him with a marble ashtray in a fit of rage once, but MGM hushed it up.“When she had fired Peter, Ava came out with this wonderful phrase: 'Maybe one day when I’m pushing clouds around’.Well now they’re both pushing clouds around.” Although the book and Gardner’s own admissions strip her down to a less mythical creature, Victor rejects notions that she was miserable during those final years. And right up until the end, even in those velour tracksuits, she comported herself like a movie star.” Perhaps all the effort that went into keeping other people’s fantasies alive eventually became too much for her.

But when Frank Sinatra, who probably remained the love of her life, condemned Peter to her, that spelled the end of their relationship.” Evans always believed that Sinatra had paid Gardner to suppress the book, but in the late 1990s he resurrected the memoirs. As he sat down to finish the book on August 31, 2012, he had a fatal heart attack, leaving Victor to finish the book himself.

“It’s a very tender memory for me,” smiles the 73-year-old Bronx-born literary agent.

“There was my father warning his 46-year-old son that one of the most iconic actresses of both our lifetimes might 'try to seduce me’.” Seduce him, Gardner did — though, at 64, it was with her story and wit, not that once sinfully beautiful face and body.

Ava knew that she had to perform and perform she did.” Although Gardner’s default setting was flirtatious (“she really couldn’t help herself”), she could also be belligerent, foul-mouthed and pathologically late. Celebrities feel that they can be late with impunity because people will always be happy to see them.” Victor, who once came second on Tatler’s list of London’s most frequently invited guests, behind Sir Elton John, loathes being late himself, “but I’ve dealt with stars for so long that I know how to suck it up when they are”.

Gardner once turned up at 5pm for a lunch date, declared “I need a nap” and disappeared for the next five days.

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