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But we also need to include the client side validation. Inside the On Pre Render event we are injecting the Java Script code into the page using the Create Java Script custom method which will be see in a moment.

One important thing to notice is the use of the Client Script. The Register Expando Attribute is used to inject a custom property from server side to the client side.

Obviously behind the scenes, engine generates a table and so the form validation plugin does not understand the Css Class required function.

So it never validates my list, though i dont select anything on submit.

Let we have enum for table field menu Type as shown below. For this let me create one new custom validation function as shown below.

In this article we are going to implement a custom validator for Radio Buttons but this can easily be changed to be used by a Check Box control. You have a Radio Button and you want to make sure that the user of the application checks that Radio Button.

Of course we can always use custom Java Script to perform the validation but we need a more mature solution.

Now in form, based on menu type selection i want to show or hide other 3 fields. I have called 'menu Type Change' function on change of any radio selection.

Using CHtml class we are creating radio Button List in yii framework.

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