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PCI Pharma Services has announced its first client product to move from clinical development to US commercial launch.

600S Technology Delivering Excellence in Clinical Services PCI Pharma Services is excited to announce further market leading investment in fully contained Xcelodose® 600S technology at our center...

Census estimates on this area are expected later this year.

Yesterday’s figures prompted more calls for reductions, following a decade in which hundreds of thousands of Eastern Europeans were allowed to settle in the UK after the expansion of the EU.

In addition to the bar itself, Bright (formerly of Brew Dog, Brodie's and Weird Beard) and Varin have created After The Harvest, a cuckoo brewing company aimed at bringing both fresh and wild beer directly to their customers.

The connection of the bar to their beers has proved popular, with the first batch being the biggest seller so far on the taps.

Customers may choose to use us as a complete development partner and benefit from our full range of services or choose any of our core services as a stand-alone offering.

But it is possible that these latest outfits get the most attention.‘Where I live is the first bend after the 30mph sign, so people come round here really fast.If you have any questions having read these stories, please don’t hesitate to contact Chris Smart, our Head of Communications, on 01432 851000.Core services include: Analytical services, formulation development, clinical trial services, commercial manufacturing and packaging, QP services, supply chain management, storage and distribution.Leah Ives said: ‘Good idea until motorists are distracted and pay more attention to Betty than actually keeping eyes on the road!’Others have given Betty their backing on her Facebook page.

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