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They're especially about her, however, and deserve mention here.Most should be mentioned here rather than there, actually, and many of those sources are about her individually.I am going to follow the guidelines of Wikipedia here, and revert back to the article.

She has no notability outside of the band, as far as I can tell, and the band's page has all of this information already. She clearly fits the standards: there have been multiple independent sources that have talked specifically about her.

Brian Littrell is a solo artist who has released albums under his own name and one several awards, making him notable.

That criteria is for composers and lyricists not really for members of bands or singers.

What info is there that has nothing to do with the band?

i can find no evidence of her having done anything else or articles that talk about her not as a member as paramore (they wouldnt have much to say as paramore appears to be all she has done).

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