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In Little Women (1994), even though that's geared to younger women, my character spans the ages from 16 to 26," says Winona who ponders her fortuitousness when so many young actors fail to make that transition."I'm always thinking about that because I'm worried about friends of mine who are in the business and young. You can't go from being, like, a college freshman to being a lawyer. I have a great thing going - I love my job and making movies.

I worked with Christina Ricci; her first movie was Mermaids (1990). There's this couple of years where you have to kind of get by, and it's hard. I'm still excited when I go to movies and I have a great life outside the movie industry.

I mean, I would be I think incredibly worried all the time, and neurotic.

Like I think it's very unhealthy for an actor to read the trades.

Most people don't have that added problem when they break up with someone.

When you're romantically involved with an actor, it's hard not to get the feeling that they're just reading lines, even in your most intimate, private moments.""Sadly it's true.

It's strange the way people throw themselves into stardom - and that world is not reality. People who are obsessed with making it and salaries and box office, they have nothing to draw on when they do their work. I'm talking about men and women, although it's even sadder when you see a guy do it. How much they cost, how much people are paid, what the story is, the cast, everything.

What will you draw on for your performances if you just live in this bubble of Hollywood? The vanity there is something very strange,""I plan on it. There's no mystery anymore,""So I don't concern myself with any of it.

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When you fight with your boyfriend, you start acting - it's like work. Usually they have a problem, or they're fucked up, or they're recovering," says the actress who recently parted company with rocker boyfriend, Beck after six months.

The restraining order was extended for a further two months in June.

She accused Depp of abusing her physically and emotionally during their 15-month marriage and was granted a temporary restraining order by a Los Angeles judge.

I mean, I work with people who take care of that end of it.

But if I did that, I would be a really, really messed up person.

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