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I have a personal relationship with this song; although it may have been written about a girl with a learning disability.

I don't have a learning disability but I grew up with a very abusive mother (physically, mentally, and emotionally abusive).

The song was originally entitled, "Brother" but was changed to "Daughter" because it sounds better. The song is about child sexual abuse (I think by a step-father, rather than the father - but that's a matter of interpretation) - sung from the child's perspective to the mother. Not fit to be daughter, but fit to be son -- yet the picture will remind him that the world sees a daughter, not a son.

Whatever the song is about ~ IT SERVES IT'S PURPOSE! evoke emotion and controversy not to mention losing sleep at 2 AM typing on a song-chat website! To a victim of sexual assault it might mean just that.... So as long as it is a GREAT song it is doing it's job! It's an angry song because the "daughter" is angry with her mother for letting it happen. The song is about a person who transitioned from daughter to son. Many children born with this condition find the world exceedingly confusing as they grow up because they expect to be, in this example, a son, not a daughter.

Don't you see it doesn't matter what it is written about, just what it means to you :)I believe this song was intended for the listenerto feel and visualize, through the "eyes of the child" what its like having a learning disability, a feeling like living in a different world. Feeling like a failure and dissapointment to those they love.

And feeling like not being able to perform adaquately in a world that sometimes doesnt understand and punishes.

I like to think that Eddie could read what we have written here and it could change his own interpretation of the song he wrote. I also see a lack of understanding from the mother.

"don't call me daughter, not fit to be" The mother is making the girl feel inadequate.

The complexity of current issues makes it more and more difficult, if not impossible, to draw a neat demarcation line anywhere in this matter, and there are a lot of little observations whispered by many and put in writing by a few.

"The shades go down, it's in her head Painted room...can't deny there's something wrong"...

I believe the mother here is saying that she realizes the daughter cant help it, sees her daughter in the dark(the shades go down)-she doesnt understand, can't get it right.(painted room) could imply that the mother knows her daughter is otherwise bright and colorful.

As far as the "Don't call me daughter, not fit to", the last chorus says "not fit to be" which shows that the girl is ashamed, not that the parents are doing anything sexual. Regardless of what a song is written about, I believe a song's interpretation is up to the listener.

"She holds the hand that holds her down she will rise above" says to me that she is not going to give up and even though her disability holds her down she is going to hold on and conquer it. I also believe a song's meaning can change over time. Ed Kowalczyk said that when written, Lightning Crashes to him was about 'living and dying' and now he believes it to be about 'Rising and Faling'.

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