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It moves slowly and takes 25 days (equator) and 35 days (poles) for the sun to complete one full revolution.

Because stars are mainly made of gases (hydrogen and helium) they spin faster at the equator than at the poles.

The Universe is expanding and because of that fact stars and all celestial objects are moving.

Our solar system is located within a major spiral galaxy - the Milky Way - which in turn also revolves on its axis.

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Jorge Estevao, Colyton Not only does the Sun revolve on its axis but, being a big ball of gas, it is fluid and consequently revolves at different speeds in different places.

Paul Dodd, Docklands, Victoria Yep, the Sun rotates on its own axis.

The most convincing evidence of this is through the discovery and observation of sunspots (areas on the surface of the sun that are cooler in temperature, thus appearing as black spots - first observed by Galileo in the early 1600s).

It takes 25.4 (Earth) days to rotate at its equator but an even more leisurely 35 (Earth) days to rotate near its poles.

That means it rotates at an average velocity of 1.9 kilometres per second.

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