Dating a man who just got out of prison

While he was in prison, you reached out to him when very few persons did, so he responded to your compassion.This is like two persons who met online, and found a few things in common and then decide to make a go of it.WHen he got home, things were okay for about a month. He ignored me for 3 days and talked to everyone else but me.

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I went home in tears and explained to my mother what happened.

When he was released it was not just his imagination, or his expectation, it was now real, and in getting to see and know you up close, changed his mind.

He was locked up, so he wants his freedom to explore, just imagine being locked up from you were 16 years, he was a child, so now that he is out, is like a child in a candy store, His self-esteem is shattered so any kind of criticism would be taken out of context.

He completely disrespected me in front of his family who did nothing and threw the line of lets just be friends.

He didnt want me to touch him like i was a disease and he was soo COLD and cruel and emotionless.

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