Bt home hub not updating

Updated: BT has contacted us to explain that it is working with Amazon to fix this problem, and updates to both the Echo units and the setup apps will soon be released.

The problem is associated with using DNS as well as BT parental controls.

I have separated the channels so that I have a 2.5ghz and a 5ghz network.

I have followed the steps to put the Play 1 on the 2.5ghz network - but it keeps telling me to use 'use a 2.5ghz router' (or words to that effect) even though I am trying to connect to the 2.5ghz network.

This lets you gain access to a menu where you can tweak your router settings.

The BT Home Hub is a dual band router, which means it creates two Wi-Fi networks – one on the 2.4GHz band, and one on the 5GHz band.As 802.11ac only runs the faster speeds over the 5GHz network (the 2.4GHz part runs at old 802.11n speeds), you're potentially limiting the speed that your devices can connect to the network.The answer is to split the networks and use 5GHz where speed and reliability are required, but use 2.4GHz where you need to go further from the router, as its range is better.You'll need to enter in your admin password – this can be found on the settings card that's stuck to the back of the Hub.On the new page that appears click on the 'Separate bands' switch to set it to 'On'.

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