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And it is highly recommended to utilize the ORM (Object Relational Mapper) called Entity Framework to be used as it is developed and maintained by core team although there are other ORM choices like NHibernate etc. In code first approach we define our domain objects(entities) as POCO classes.A POCO(Plain Old Clr Objects) is nothing but a simple c# class.For example have a look at the below Product class As you can see it is a simple c# class with few Annotations.Those annotations make Entity Framework to generate validation rules or create a display name attribute while generating scaffolding code for us.The same was replicated to Spring MVC by a developer and the details can be found here.So we are replicating the same application with some more features than those apps have to show the MVC development perspective and also to allow developers to see the differences between the technology stacks Our approach MVC now recommends a Code-First Approach to application development.So how does a convention better over configuration?

Lets look at the datacontext class below Again here we are basically doing nothing the whole work is being done by the Db Context class defined under System. Entity namespace which is part of Entity Framework.Support for xcopy installation and side-by-side installation. NET, with the help of Cute Chat installation guide, you can install/integrate Cute Chat in minutes!High reliability, scalability and high load support. NET chat software which allows website owners to add chat rooms to their website.It includes features such as high load support, Moderated Chat, font/color/ customization, emoticons, private messaging, private chat room, profanity filtering, ignoring users, file Transfer, and many more!

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