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Most Christian musicians know much about music, and yet they have never related it to a foundational biblical theology of music.

As a result many do not have the foundations needed for using their gifts to their full potential for Christ.

And third, they need to engage their culture for Christ while being fully involved and accountable in a church that will help them to be in the world but not of the world.

With these foundations, musicians will have a greater understanding of music, themselves and their culture, and they will become great ambassadors for Christ.

As part of the research report, current literature on the postmodern worldview is reviewed and related to the practice of mentoring.

The case study research design is also detailed and three case study sites described.

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The results of each case showed strong correlation with one another as well as with the biblically-derived and best practice supplemented “right fit” hiring process developed herein.Furthermore, many of them have never seen the relationship of their musical career and their Christian lifestyle as something to be integrated.As a result many have been consumed by the values they originally set out to challenge.Moreover, many musicians are involved in their culture but separated from their church, while many others are involved mainly in the church but are separated from their culture. To do this, however, several things need to change and develop.This study seeks to develop and evaluate a seminar that will encourage and equip Christian musicians to engage their culture for Christ while belonging to a community of believers.

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